Time to upgrade your home office technology?

Home office technology wireless charger

Elevate your working from home experience with award winning technology and design from Libratone.

Many of us right now are dealing with our home also doubling up as our office. Not to mention for those homes also becoming a school, a playground for our children and so much more.


With so much happening under one roof, technology that supports us reliably and is also intuitive to use is becoming increasingly important. However, how do you know which are the best home audio products to help you on the job? Do you know the benefits of Bluetooth? How do you pick the perfect Smart speaker for both your work needs, but also to help you to entertain the family?

Here are some suggestions on the best home office accessories, available on Libratone.com, to help get you through the working day – keeping it both productive and stylish.


Headphones are a valuable companion for both work and down-time. The benefits of noise-cancelling wireless earphones can be even more valuable. They help minimise household noise, meaning you can focus on conference calls or take some time out with your favourite podcast, wherever you are at home.


True-wireless earbuds with smart noise cancellation, TRACK Air+ are an excellent choice for those looking for the latest work headphones.  They automatically adapt to your surroundings, tuning out an impressive 30dB of noise, or you can opt for the manual noise control option within the easy-to-use app. Customisable touch controls mean you can pick up calls with a simple tap. Whilst, stable Bluetooth capabilities and a dual-mic support clear calls. The lightweight 5.6g earbuds deliver six hours of battery time, and their wireless charging case guarantees a further three full charges (24 hours in total). Available in black and white for £179.


The award-winning TRACK+ is one of the lightest, most comfortable wireless earphones on the market with adjustable noise cancellation. Eight hours of battery time and a sleep function when not in use means they wake up when motion is detected. Made of tangle-free materials, they are available in black and white for £139.

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Home office technology should help you get the job done, but you also want it to look good. ZIPP 2 Smart wireless speakers combine a timeless, Danish design with a host of technical features, compacted into a portable device.


What about some other work from home accessories? Adding a stylish wireless charging station to your desk can help you to avoid cable chaos. Our COIL wireless charging station (in addition to charging Libratone TRACK Air+ and Air earbuds), can also be used to charge compatible devices including smartphones. 


This portable, wireless Smart speaker is ideal for those whose home office is moving from the kitchen, to the living room, to the garden depending on their family routine. With built in Amazon Alexa (that you can also disable depending on your usage), ZIPP 2 is the perfect colleague as it can both entertain and inform. The speaker is equipped with 360 FullRoom® sound for full, rich sound in every direction. Plus connect up to 10 speakers with multi-room function or AirPlay2 – should you want to share your audio across the home. ZIPP 2 comes with 12 hours of battery time and is available in a variety of colours. 

A more compact ZIPP MINI 2 is also available, offering all the same great features. ZIPP 2 is priced at £279, ZIPP MINI 2 for £229.


COIL is a wireless charging plate designed to a high quality, from a combination of rubber and quick-heat metal, ensuring charging efficiency, whilst also keeping your device cool. COIL is available now, in Black, for £35. 

All products can be bought from Libratone.com with free delivery across Europe and to the UK.