Festival Essentials from Libratone

Festival Essentials

As festival season kicks off across Europe, our wireless speakers and headphones make the perfect travel buddies whatever your audio demands.

For those that want to keep the party going long after the festival ends: ZIPP MINI 2

Our smart speaker is the ideal choice if you never want the party to stop. A perfect addition to your rucksack, the 100% wireless ZIPP MINI 2 is compact, but packed with features. It can stream your favourite tunes, Spotify playlists, or radio channels over Bluetooth. Whilst our unique 360 FullRoom® technology means it sends full, rich, sound in every direction, no matter where you are.


With 12 hours of battery time, the speaker is also Alexa enabled, so if you want to know the weather forecast for the rest of the day before leaving your tent, or shuffle your top dance tracks even if your hands are busy pouring the drinks, simply ask!

For those that want to have a moment of peace between the partying: TRACK+

If you’re exhausted after a long day of live music and need a few hours of chill time away from the festival madness, the fast-charging, TRACK+ wireless noise-cancelling earphones will give you the peace and quiet you need. The earphones come equipped with Active Noise Cancellation, so you can make sure your beat is the only one you are listening to. Featuring a tangle-free design, you can squeeze them into a small pocket, or the side of your rucksack when the sun rises and you’re ready to party again.

For those who would never let bad weather stop the party: TOO

Made to be on the go, just like you, our compact Bluetooth speaker is the perfect partner to throw into your weekend bag to take the party with you wherever, and however, you plan to travel. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in sound, as it also features our 360 FullRoom® technology - meaning the music comes in every direction.


The TOO was designed to be durable, with a solid frame and rubber casing, so our splash-proof speaker doesn’t stop just because the rain starts.


With 12 hours battery time from a single charge, and a useful hanging loop, we are confident that TOO will be the last man standing. And if any of your friends are missing out on their favourite acts, the TOO also doubles as a speaker phone, just so you can really make them jealous.

Hat, bag and sunglasses used throughout courtesy of Rezet.