The Libratone app is the perfect companion to your speakers or headphones. Designed to be simple and intuitive, it lets you effortlessly connect and control all your devices and music from a single source. Read on to discover some of the app features.

Future proof

We stay composing

We regularly release new software updates in the app, to ensure you’re on track with the newest features. We always strive to find new ways to enhance your Libratone experience. Keep an eye on available updates in the app.


You’re the DJ

Want to go bigger on music? Do it. Link or unlink your ZIPP speakers with a simple swipe, for an even bigger sound.

Voice Assistant

Say hey to Alexa

Sign into your Amazon account and introduce Alexa to your ZIPP 2 or ZIPP MINI 2. Your ZIPP 2 is now smarter than ever.

Set-up your 5 presets

All hits no misses

Get into any of your presets in a snap. Whether it’s a song, a playlist, or a radio station. Just tap your app and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Sound settings

Your music your way

Hear it how you want to hear it. Change the sound setting to whatever suits you. Whether that’s neutral, easy listening, soft & comfortable, rock the house, jazz club, movie mode, live concert, classical, or speech. They’re all just a tap away.

Adjust the room settings

Get the best out of your music

Enhance every lyric and every note. By registering where in the room your speakers are placed, the Libratone app will automatically adjust its sound settings for optimal performance.

Noise cancellation

Music on, noise out

Adjust exactly how much noise you let in or cancel out through your TRACK+ earphones or Q ADAPT headphones. Exclusively for TRACK+ the app lets you turn on the adaptive noise cancellation feature, so the noise canceling level automatically adapts to your surroundings.