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The Story Of 
The Nightingale

Sitting neatly on top of every Libratone speaker you’ll find a nightingale.


Why a nightingale? It all starts with a story by Hans Christian Anderson about a Chinese Emperor who falls in love with the nightingale’s beautiful song.


The nightingale loses favor when the Emperor is given a mechanical bird and so sets the nightingale free.


Years later the Emperor becomes sick and, on his deathbed, the nightingale returns to sing to him. “Death” is so moved by its beautiful song that it departs and the Emperor recovers.


The nightingale is our tribute to true sound and its power to overcome anything. 


Our mission is in our name; Libratone – set sound free. Because we believe music makes life better, no matter where you are and what you do.

We make products so you can create SoundSpaces anywhere - around you, on you and with you. At home or on the go.

And true to our Danish heritage, we design our speakers and headphones to look as good as they sound.
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