Made for Google to plug straight into your phone, the Q ADAPT USB-C also come equipped with a range of best-in-class features.

  • Product features

    Adjustable noise cancelation

    With CityMix® four-step adjustable cancelation, you can choose how much of the world you let in or out.

    • Level 1: Pass through – Chat to people without taking off your earphones - 80% Outside Noise
    • Level 2: Passive ANC – Enjoy your music, but still take in your surroundings - 60% Outside Noise
    • Level 3: 50% ANC - Enjoy your music with awareness in noisy places - 30% Outside Noise
    • Level 4: 100% ANC - Immerse yourself in your music with limited distraction from background noise - <10% Outside Noise

    USB-C connection

    Plugs straight into your Google phone, no adapters or syncing necessary.

    Changeable ear tips

    4 ear tips and a special set for active use included to ensure a perfect fit.

    Four-button remote

    Control your music, phone calls, noise cancelation, activation of Google assistant and more without reaching for your phone.

    Built-in microphone

    Take and answer calls with your earphones.

    App simplicity

    Control your earphones or any Libratone device. Get it on Google Play.

  • Tech specs


    21 g.

    Drive units

    2 x 11.8 mm.


    • Powered from Google Pixel devices
    • Music (max)+ANC (max): 26mA/5V


    USB type-c.

    Libratone app availability

    Available through Google Play.

    What’s in the box

    • Earphones
    • 4 regular ear tips
    • 1 set of sport ear tips
    • Quick guide