The extraordinary survival of a Bluetooth speaker.


The story of how our Libratone TOO speaker took up extreme sports.

Our Libratone customer support team, often receives emails from happy customers with positive reviews about our speakers and headphones.


Recently, they received an email from one of our customers in Germany, Dominik Zarda. 

Dominik Zarda - Lysebotn Fjord, Norway

Dominik had a great story to tell us, about his TOO Bluetooth speaker and we thought, having heard it, that you might enjoy it also.


The TOO speaker, being splash proof, with 12 hours battery time and made of durable materials, is great for taking on holiday – whether relaxing vacations or more adventurous weekend road trips. Dominik, having recently bought the TOO, took it with him to Lysebotn (a beautiful fjord in Norway) for a long weekend of extreme sports. He is in fact a base jumper and was off jumping with friends for the weekend. 

Lysebotn Fjord, Norway

One morning, whilst travelling, Dominik climbed up to a ledge, overlooking the fjord, to listen to some music with his friends using his TOO Bluetooth speaker. He then continues the story.


“The sound was amazing and everybody loved this little thing! Unfortunately when my favourite song came up, the bass caused my Libratone TOO to vibrate and basically move forward – falling around 80m straight off the ledge! It hit a rock a few times before disappearing into the bushes!


“Of course, I was super bummed out. Not only because we were without music now, but also because my brand-new Bluetooth speaker was gone and most probably forever! Being total trash should I even find it again….”

"The speaker basically took a fall like everyone else, just without a parachute!"

However, when Dominik climbed down to retrieve his speaker, he was very surprised that upon connecting his phone to the speaker via Bluetooth, it connected and in his own words “As good as before”.


Whilst the TOO volume control had suffered a small crack and the anti-slide base had come off in the fall, the speaker was fully functional, despite falling from a great height.

Libratone TOO speaker surviving after the fall

Dominik concludes “It is funny that this happened at the end of a four-day base jumping event (me and my friends jump from the 1000m high fjord cliffs), so the speaker basically took a fall like everyone else, just without a parachute!”


You can see below some of the pictures that Dominik shared with us.

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