Free the Sound. A music project by Libratone.


Helping deserving musical talent to get heard.

You may already have seen on our social media channels, or within our website, our Free the Sound music project, that we launched towards the end of 2018. But we wanted to tell you more about where the concept came from and what inspired us.

For us, our brand name Libratone can be literally translated as Free the Sound. We were inspired by this to create a platform that supported musical talent that might otherwise not get the opportunity to be heard. So think unsigned, or newly established singers, and musicians who need a platform to show their skills to a wider audience. A literal platform to free their sound.


In the initial phase, of what will be an ongoing campaign, we invited eleven artists into an iconic Berlin recording studio, with established producers, to record tracks exclusively for Libratone.


After scouting over 150 artists, 11 artists with diverse backgrounds and various music styles were chosen. Our initial ‘Free the Sound’ artists come from all over the world – including, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, America, UK, Israel, Australia and Sweden. However, the majority are currently living, working and performing in Berlin, Germany – the first city that we chose for the project.


We initially launched the campaign to a Danish audience, hosting regular Libratone Live Sessions featuring the artists in our Copenhagen retail store. And more of these are planned for the coming months.

"We thought why not support street artists and make their music available through our own channels and subsequently our headphones and speakers."

Adam Wendler

You can read an interview with Temple Haze, who played at the store in March 2019, here.


Amongst the eleven chosen artists Nosoyo, Temple Haze, Infidelix, Novine, Sophie Sutton, Michael Brinkworth, Adam Wendler, J. Lamotta Suzume, Stephon LaMar, Moa Mckay and Lui Peng the majority spent some time during their musical careers as street performers.

And this brings us back to why we are so passionate about the project here at Libratone.

We asked Libratone’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Alex Oberberg to explain.


“Free the Sound is for us an important part of our DNA. Headphones make up a big part of our business, and as headphones and noise cancelling technology gets ever more sophisticated then that brings with it some responsibilities for us as a brand. Firstly, to deliver rich, authentic sound to completely satisfy those who buy our products. Secondly, to keep people safe – which is why we have noise cancelling headphones that can help people switch outside noises off, but also tune into them more effectively too. And finally, most of us now wear headphones out and about on the streets. This means sometimes we might miss a street artist performing their own music, as we are so tuned into our own podcast or whatever. Therefore, we thought why not support street artists and make their music available through our own channels and subsequently our headphones and speakers.”


Free the Sound is an opportunity for Libratone to support some great unsigned artists who deserve to be heard. We wanted to give them a helping hand through making great music and content together that showcased their talents, and helped them to reach a wider audience in an authentic and honest way.  It is a campaign we plan to build on and develop over the coming years.


To find out more and to join us in liberating the sounds of artists around the world, you can find out more about the artists and listen to their exclusive track here.


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