Libratone and Askling

Libratone and Askling

18-year-old Askling is one of Denmark’s most shiny pop talents, so we were delighted to have her perform in the Copenhagen store this month, as part of our Libratone Live Sessions.

For those of you yet to enjoy her energetic, electronic sound – we recommend you check out her latest single Parked Outside.

We also took the chance to have a chat with her about all things music and this is what she had to say.

How did you discover your musical talent?

Singing is something that I’ve always done and loved. I discovered my musical talent, or my child-minder actually did, one day in daycare. I was singing along to the radio and my child-minder told my parents that I was going to be a singer one day!

Tell us about your own sound?

Oh, this is always a very hard question to answer but I would describe it as pop with a RnB twist. I have tried the last couple of years to find my own sound and I think I am close.

What news would you like to share?

I am playing all around Denmark throughout the summer. So hopefully in a town near you! Some of the places I’m playing at are Tivoli in Copenhagen, Nibe and Vig festival.

Libratone and Askling
Libratone and Askling

What inspires you when you make music?

I like to make music that people can relate to. So even though it isn’t always something I am going through, someone else might be. I like to make music that people can feel and recognise in their own life.

Which musical artists inspire you and why?

There are a lot of artists who seem to inspire me – but one artist I really adore and feel inspired by is the Norwegian singer, Astrid S. I love how she is on social media, very down to earth. But her music is just something else. Like I said I love when people can relate to music, and I can relate to her music every time. I think that’s why I like her so much. Also, she has a very unique voice which is very cool.

What is the one track by another artist that is guaranteed to get you dancing?

Definitely 24K magic by Bruno Mars, such a banger.

Askling with a Libratone ZIPP MINI 2

Askling with a Libratone ZIPP MINI 2

Any passions or interests outside of music?

No not really – music is all I’ve ever been passionate about actually. But I do love spending time with my friends and family just as much.

What has been your career highlight to date?

I always love learning new things about music, which is an everyday highlight, I think. But the one highlight that stands out is when I won the award “Tak rocks talentpris” at Live Camp, Skanderborg festival. It was so unexpected and such a crazy experience!!

What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next few years?

I really want to improve on writing songs, that is a very big goal! But I also want to play some bigger concert maybe? Some of the bigger concerts in Denmark, Roskilde festival would be very cool. But overall just improve as a singer and songwriter. This is all one big learning experience for me, which I am very excited about.

If people want to check you out where can they hear more?

Instagram: askling_

Facebook: AsklingMusic

Youtube: Askling