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Wall mount

You can place Libratone Lounge wherever you think it looks good - on the wall, on a shelf or on the ground. If you intend to use it with your TV, the Libratone Lounge comes fully equipped with a wall mount and a built-in spirit level, so you'll get it right the first time.

Wool covers

The Libratone Lounge is made of exclusive materials like Italian cashmere wool. The wool covers on the Libratone Lounge are easily changeable and come in five different colors. With its minimalistic Scandinavian design it adapts to any setting.


3.5mm minijack/digital plug for TV. 100-230 Volt AC, 50/60Hz. 
Power consumption 80/6W internal power supply. AirPlay & DLNA for wireless streaming. PlayDirect™ for streaming without a Wi-Fi network router straight from iPad, iPhone & Android or Mac/PC.


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Ribbon based tweeters

High-end components such as 2 x 1" ribbon-based tweeters along with Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification, give you premium sound with the Libratone Lounge.


The 2 x 4" ceramic midrange drivers in the Libratone Lounge are ultra hard and compared to most speakers, provide a very fast, detailed, focused and natural sound.


Libratone Lounge is an exclusive wireless sound system for movies and music alike. Whether pushing out classical music, rock or ambient, the Libratone Lounge produces ample spacious sound and an impressive bass performance with its 1 x 8" inverted woofer.


Inside the Libratone Lounge, high-end audio components make sure that movies and music sound amazingly crisp. Powerful Digital Amplification 2.1 stereo sound in a minimalistic design. The high-end 2x1" ribbon based tweeters and midrange drivers disperse sound in different directions, reflecting it off the walls, providing a crystal clear 360° sound experience. We call it FullRoom™ sound.