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The featured duo-stand, allows the Libratone Loop to stand on the floor, a shelf or a table. Placement is incredibly easy and flexible, so you never have to worry about sacrificing style to position the speaker perfectly.

Wool Covers

The changeable covers give you the option to pick a shade that matches your interior and reflects your style. They are made of high-quality Italian wool, for an exclusive and distinguished look.


The Libratone Loop can be mounted on the wall with the elegant wall-mount that is easy to setup. The cavity on the back of the Libratone Loop doubles as a grip for moving the speaker around the house.


3.5mm audio minijack for analog sound. USB audio. 100-240 Volt AC, 50/60Hz. 
Power consumption 40W internal power supply. AirPlay & DLNA for wireless streaming. PlayDirect™ for streaming without a Wi-Fi network router straight from iPad, iPhone & Android or Mac/PC.


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Passive Bass

Part of the cabinet has been designed to act as a resonating passive radiator, which is overmolded directly into the cabinet. This adds an extra driver to the system that corresponds with a 5” subwoofer in the slim cabinet, giving a controlled low frequency roll off at 40Hz. Even in large rooms, the Libratone Loop furnishes a very clear physical presence and impressive bass performance.


The built-in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification, along with high-end 2x1" ribbon-based tweeters, provide a crystal-clear sound experience that fills your entire room, from corner to corner.

Controlled cabinet technology

The Libratone Loop cabinet has been designed to control resonances and deliver an improved sound performance. The movements are predicted and controlled by the built-in limiter. Excursion is gracefully regulated and attenuated without compression artifacts.


The round shape of the speaker and the built-in FullRoom™ acoustic technology, help the Libratone Loop disperse sound waves in multiple directions and reflect sound throughout its surroundings, offering a powerful and authentic wide 2.1 stereo image. Just one sound source has enough power to provide your audio performance with plenty of punch.

Status Indicator

LED signals in the Status Indicator show the speaker’s operating status. But the Status Indicator also doubles as a power button and volume control.


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